A Sneak Peak from “Ruled by Desire”.

In chapter four, our hero and heroine go for a ride in Hyde Park (as frightfully fashionable posh people tended to do during the London season). Though Francesca has many accomplishments, equestrianism isn’t one of them. In this brief exchange, James takes her to task … but I think, secretly, he finds her lack of ability cute.


“Fran, thus far good manners have kept me silent, but now I find I must ask. What’s your horse’s name?”

Her brow wrinkled in confusion as he’d intended. She kept him perpetually off balance, and he was glad to get a little of his own back. He wouldn’t mind seeing her smile again either.

“Strawberry,” she said. “Why?”

“I knew it. Strawberry. That explains a great deal. You sit that beast almost as well as a sack of potatoes would, but what can one expect from a woman who gives her horse a cow’s name?”

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