Ruled by Desire

Francesca Thorne is determined to flout convention and divorce her unrepentant philanderer of a husband. When her husband’s friend, James Standish, sweet-talks his way into her life, tasked with convincing her to abandon her dream of freedom, she’s unprepared for the intense physical attraction that flares between them.

James knows how to play society’s game. He’ll follow the rules, marry a virginal debutante, and inherit a massive fortune. At least, that’s the plan until he meets Francesca. She’s not the sort of woman a respectable gentleman like James could ever marrynot least because she’s married already.

Torn apart by conflicting desires, James and Francesca must choose whether to keep chasing the lives they’ve always wanted or take a chance on a new and forbidden love.


The Ice Maiden

Helen Grey might be mad. She certainly causes plenty of trouble at Blackwell, the gothic asylum where she’s been imprisoned for the last ten years. New doctor William Carter seems decent, honorable, and eager to help. Just the sort of man she can trick into helping her escape.

Will knows he’s being manipulated, but he also realizes Helen doesn’t belong at Blackwell. If only she were an ordinary woman, instead of the bastard daughter of a Drury Lane trollop. Getting Helen out of Blackwell won’t be easy, not for a mere housekeeper’s son educated above his station, and not when her mysterious benefactor is determined to keep her locked up forever.

Helen and Will need to work together if she’s ever going to be free. Neither suspects that need can turn to friendship, and that friendship could lead them to love.


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